Education at Cologne University in digital humanities, geography and computer science.

Recent study interests are geography of economics, geography of vegetation, sustainable local enterprise networks, post-growth economics, geographical information retrieval, spatial humanities and digital humanities in general.


London -

News and market data on international sugar agro-economics.
Support, maintenance and revision of the online platform.
2011 - 2015.

Digital Humanities Registry

CLARIN-ERIC, DARIAH-EU, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Universität zu Köln, Karl Franzens Universität Graz, GWD-Göttingen, CLARIAH-NL, KNAW
Course Registry
Project Registry

While the DH-Courseregistry started out in 2014, it initially aimed to provide a Dutch/Flemish overview only. Being designed to be a selfmaintaining online directory, it soon became scaled up to European level. The DH-Projectregistry was to follow up in 2015, based on the previous work and as a Dutch overview again.
Since 2014.

Terrain Vague

Cologne -

Project presentation:
"Ästhetik und Poetik urbaner Zwischenräume in der französischen Moderne"
DFG-project at the Romanic Institute, University of Cologne. Consulting, training and building a website based on Drupal.
Graphic Design: Caroline Doyé.
2014 - 2016.

IANUS Research Data Center

Köln, Berlin, Deutsches Archäologisches Institut -

Evaluation of existing archival software (DA-NRW, aTom, Dspace etc.), conceptualizing, prototyping and building the datacenter website, contributing to build the backing archive management system for archaeological research data collections in an international team.
2013 - 2017.

Digital Skills

A list of most important technical skills.

Programming Languages & Markup

PHP, Javascript, Python, C++, Java, XML, HTML5, CSS3, SASS


OOP, AJAX, JSON, X-Technologies

CMS, Frameworks & Libraries

CakePhp, Drupal, Joomla, jQuery, Bootstrap, leaflet

Database Technologies

general relational SQL, postgis


Git, Subversion

Server Environments

Unix, Apache, nginx, Tomcat

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows


qGIS, ArcGIS (both basic user skills), ArcGIS plugin development


Natural Language Processing (NLP), Named Entity Recognition (NER), file based metadata management



German, English, Dutch

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